stitched skirt joe browns long boots bright topIn honour of #tightsonday - today was the day the tights were dug out and my new funky stitched skirt from @joebrowns hit the streets!

The weather has turned nippy and it is certainly time for a warmer wardrobe.

Big Buttons

This funky stitched and embroidered pattern skirt is just fabulous. Lovely heavy weightd skirt with a lining and hug buttons make it extra special

Low heel boots

Donned with a stunning orange blouse and gorgeous black boots! I am ready for winter!!

Find it here!

Button Up Skirt £39.95 from Joe Browns

Beautiful Button Up Skirt

South Eyelet Blouse Now £11.00



Next tights £8.00

Opaque Tights Three Pack (690119X54) | £8 - £12

Red or Dead Long Boots

red or dead bounty boots 1