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jawbone jambox for garden soundsI am a bit of gadget freek, this may mean I look for the easy option but I prefer to celebrate the talented entrepreneurs of this world. If it was left to me we'd still be living in a wooden hut made of straw and dung...

  • dolce gusto latteThis has been a long standing gadget in my kitchen, we've had a range from Nespresso to our current machine the Dolce Gusto.

    Dolce Gusto Coffee!

    I love the coffee fix of a black cafe creme, mid morning skinny latte, afternoon caramel mocha and a bed time hot choc!

    Find out more here.

  • Apple iPhone 5c




    This only makes it in at number 9, and I really cant live without it, because it's just an assumed item for everyone! - whether it's a Samsung, iPhone, Nexus, LG etc... surely we all are using a Smartphone of some sort (apart from my nan who has a mini brick) - even my mum has a Galaxy, touch screen and is using her weather apps etc.


    I always renew my phone with the open mind of being switched from my iPhone, this year the Samsung Galaxy but I just couldnt leave all may apps behind.


    If you are looking for a Smartphone for the first time, then consider a non Apple device... but I cant see myself ever rebutting the apple.. I am willing to pay that little bit more :|

    Though I wont be diving into the iPhone 6 until it is more reasonably priced...
  • #8 The Tablet
    I just dont leave the house without my tablet. I have the Mini iPad now which is even more portable and fantastic that the regular iPad.
    .iPad Mini

    The main reason I have the iPad Mini is because I love the apps, which I share with the iPhone.

    Samsung Galaxy

    I am always impressed with the other Tablets on the market. From the Samsung Galaxy to the Tesco Huddle. - BRILLIANT!

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

    No need for Cellular Data

    I dont even consider buying a tablet with a data package anymore. There are so many free wifi hotspots, that I rarely feel the need for a web fix. On the odd occassion there is no wifi, then I activate the Personal Hotspot on my phone. One data charge, never hit my limit yet! LOVE FREE WIFI

  • shower timer

    Shower Trouble!

    I dont know about you but... getting the kids into the shower is a nightmare but getting them back out again is another battle.


    Bring forth the Water Checker

    This little device, keeps track of how much water has been used! The alarm will sound when you have reached your target amount of water and it is easy to use and program. Simply, attach to the tiles with the sucker. ]


    It is reckoned that 4 minutes is enough time and will use about 35l of water! Find out more here.



  • asus laptops

    Okay back to tech - For years I ahve been a Sony Vaio Girl (gone were the days I looked for pink and swirly cases). I needed performance! After the sudden and disappointing closure of Sony's Laptop Manufacturing... I had to hunt for the next best thing. I suppose Dell was high on the list but I have specific features which are a must for me!

    Non negotiables

    Full keyboard layout with separate numeric keyboard

    HOME PGU PGDN etc keys had to be stand alone keys not FN controlled

    Touch screen with full colour display and high resolution

    High performance,  and great sound.


    I am delighted with my ASUS - quick, sleek, all the buttons in the right places, good battery power. I highly recommend it! (they even do red! - can't get the inner girl out of me). AUdio by Bang & Olufsen too!


    Try these from PC World



  • #5 The Electric Toothbrush

    Most definately worthy of a mention for a super clean and shiny smile. The whole of the family use an electric toothbrush for efficient cleaning! There are so many to choose from, I just make sure I check the age appropriateness for the kids!


    electric toothbrushes


    Rechargeable to battery operated

    I tend to buy the rechargeable for the aduts and the battery operated for the kids. The kids like  a new colour or character... anything that keeps them interested in keeping their teeth clean!


    Like all toothbrushes, it's worth keeping an eye on the kids whilst brushing to reach the harder areas and on the back hand (so to speak) side of the mouth.

    Check out these at Boots



  • With all this tech, I can almost hear the electricity being used like water down the plug hole.

    These power meter & monitors will keep you informed

    Keep everyone informed about the usuage and then encourage them all to keep the non essential items turned off.

    Try these from Amazon.

  • #3 Straighteners & Curlers

    My hair products have to enter the top 3! I love to have straight and sleek hair and then I love to have curly hair too... Only these products give me exactly the look I want!

    My GHD Straighteners and the Babyliss Miracurl!

    Of course, you cant beat GHDs, recommended by every stylist in the country... Bite the bullet, pay the price and know they will last for a very long time!

    ghd straighteners


    Babyliss Miracurl

    I bought the Nano Miracurl as they are lightweight and cheaper!

    babyliss miracurl

    Or try the standard Miracurl



  • #2 Jambox Speakers

    Firepit, bbqs and music, are the perfect ingredients for Summer and Autumn evenings!

    Dont be let down by the sound

    A girl seriously needs a reliable sound centre, fill the air with tunes from yours and everyone else's iPod via blootooth

    Check out:

    Jawbone Mini Jam Box at Amazon

    jawbone jambox for garden sounds


    Wirelessly play sounds, music and videos via Bluetooth

    Fits in your pocket

    10 hour battery life

    Available in 6 colours
    Micro USB charging cable

    Get the App

    Use for conference calls

    Use Handsfree

  • With all the gadgets in the world, The one that I need most when venturing into the unknown is the SATNAV!

    Which Way?

    I only ever follow the next instruction, I dont even take note of Junction numbers on the motorway or whether I am venturing north or south... (Shame on me)

    Never loses her temper

    The SATNAV, speaks to me calmly, even if I dont take the wrong turn... Though I do wish you could have a setting to immate the exasperated passenger occassionally... that'd allow me to hurl abuse back!


    Thank you TomTom you have saved my life on many occasion!


    Try these:

    SATNAVS at Amazon

    satnavs at amazon

    Most ar touch screen and have maps available for all over the world (free upgrades for life too). I have even been saved by the SATNAV walking through The City.



ipad mini retina display girls point of view silverMy new toy

I have had my iPad mini for a few weeks now and I love it! It's small enough to fit in most of my handbags (which is clearly important) and is very lightweight compared to the iPad 3 etc. I was worried about the screensize for watching catchup TV and films, and to be honest, it just isnt a problem...

The Pros

It fits in my hand easily

It looks cool, who doesnt love the Apple Style?

The battery life is pretty good - though I would expect to charge it once through a heavy day of use

It's light, I dont really know it's in my bag anymore unlike the iPad

It's smaller that my A5 diary so fits in my work handbags!

The Cons

It's more expensive than other tablets but worth it and really not too expensive for what you get!

The keyboard in portrait, is on the small side but hey - i use my iPhone just fine

The Apple case is ridiculously expensive and I didnt buy one

What you get

7.9 inch screen

16GB or 32GB or 128GB

Available in Space Grey or Silver

Retina Screen

Optional Celluar Data

iPad Minis at John Lewis

I always think the service at John Lewis is second to none - and it certainly is worth paying pennies more for the back up of customer satisfaction - Try these PLUS they ship with a 3 year guarentee!

Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular (3G/4G) 16GB WhiteUse Tesco CLubcard Points

Buy a 16B or 32GB with or without celluar and cash in your clubcard points.

Available in White / Silver or Space Grey

Besdata® iPad Cases

Save yourself a significant amount of money and buy a magnetic iPad Mini Case from Besdata®.

Great value for money

Fits the iPad Mini perfectly

A range of colours to choose from


Ultra thin

Top Tip!

--- My Top Buy ---

I am thrilled with my iPad Mini Case!



green leather jacket black jeans green stone necklace I have an inner biker chick in me so here is some biker chic... Include at least one statment leather jacket in your wardrobe, you cant go wrong with this Muubaa jacket.


Accent the fabulous emerald colour with a stunning watch and necklace.

Green Necklace

The black top and skinnies offer a perfect backdrop to show off those green stones hanging around your neck.

Zip Boots

I chose these black boots with the zip front to contiune the zip theme! I do have a bit of a passion for a zip!

green leather jacket black jeans green stone necklace

MUUBAA, Green Biker Jacket WAS £399.95 NOW £199.95

Next Black Skinny Jeans £20.00

Notion 1.3 Ruffled Top £32.95

Shellys Scalone Boots £100.00

New Look Lime Snood

Viyella Green Stone Necklace £35.00

Green Ice Watch £62.50

coins cloggs bootcut jeansI love a good bootcut jean and these will always be in style so it's worth investing and gettingn just the right fit!

Gold Coins Jewellery

Bling up with some gold coins like this necklace and bracelet from Love Rocks. Add a statement ring to emphasise the gold!

Warm Up

As a bit of a forever and whenever cold sort of girl, I can always wear a waistcoat of gilet... keeps the cockles warm so to speak

Layered top

This chiffon knit ensure the two layered look wihtou the excess material adding on a few pounds without even trying! The high neck will allow the coin necklace to sit perfectly and become the focal point!


I have already raved about clogs in previous posts, I think, if budget would allow, I'd buy a pair in every colour! Here's the choc brown.


coins cloggs bootcut jeans

Diesel Ronhiour Bootcut Jeans £130.00 £65.00 at Zalando

Espirit Shiffon & Knit Top £75.00 to £51.00

Anna Field Brown Belt £12.00 from Zalando

Zalando Waistcoat in Blue £85.00

UGG® Australia Chocolate Clogs

Love Rocks Articulate Ring £35.00

Love Rocks Bangles at ASOS £22.00 £13.00

Love Rocks Coin Necklace £33.00

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