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Swarovski® Bracelets

The Swarovski® are high quality Austrian cut glass crystals with a superior shine and sparkle. Swarovski can be worn dressed up to compliment the most beautiful of evening dresses or dressed down to become a centre piece to daywear. Each bead and charm are expertly faceted and polished to produce the finest quality results.

Czech Glass Bracelets

Czech Glass Beads vary in shape and size and come in a variation of shades. These beautiful traditional Czech beads offer a depth of colour and interest. These entriguing beads never look the same twice and will change with what you wear and where you are. These beads are perfect for a present for a loved one, friend or you could simply treat yourself!

Bead Bracelets

I have searched for the most interesting and varied beads to make beautiful bracelets. These bracelets use a range of colours and effects for unique and stylish arrangements of modern bracelets.

FREE UK Delivery + FREE Jewellery Bag

All items are hand made and are unique.


We ship FREE anywhere in the UK. All items should be shipped within 24 hours and will arrive via Royal Mail.

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Payment can be made at checkout by adding the items to the basket. You will transferred to PayPal where you can use your PayPal account or choose to pay by debit or credit card.

Cant find what you want? Or want a variation on what you can see?

I am more than happy to create you an item to meet your needs, whether it is for your wedding, prom, high school reunion to match your dress or outfit. Simply email me with your vision, I'll create your jewellery at no charge, send you an email with photos and you then can decide whether to buy it or not! - no obligation to buy!


Please email me for any information and enquiries.

About Me

Mum of 4... just entered my 40s, having a moderate midlife crisis and in need of inspiration and direction! Join me on my journey - I shall share what I wear, the crafts I do with/out the kids and the recipes.

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